If you have any questions, please contact us. Our team will get back to you very quickly.


– Is your package LOST or Return To Sender? Follow this link first.

– We ship via USPS, Retrieve tracking here . No expedited shipping.

Yes, we ship internationally ($25) to ANY country. It takes 10-20 days + your country’s customs.

– There aren’t any discount beyond $0.75/card.

– No discount for first order. However, a global discount coupon code will come with order.

For anything that is not listed on the above, Please contact us after answering the few questions below

1/3 Questions | Need to CANCEL your order?

You’re only able to cancel your order for as long as it status is not “PRINTED” yet.
Cancelling an order will immediately cancel and refund you the entirety of transaction, minus the processing payment transaction fee (3.9%).


Your order has been cancelled.
Your refunds will be processed within 2-5 days.
Minus payment gatteaway processing fees.

Unfortunately your order has already been PRINTED,
we’re not able to cancel your order.

This order status is "Pending Payment", curently we've not fully received your payment yet. You cannot cancel your order yet.

This order status is already"Cancelled"

This order status is FAIL, there is nothing to cancel as no payment was charged yet.

This order is on hold. You may not cancel it yourself. Please contact us. (Contact us button shows the contact form)

Your order is already complete. your tracking Number is

Error while cancelling. try again or contact support

2/3 Questions | Need to UPDATE your current Order or SHIPPING INFORMATION ?

If you wish to add or change the edition of cards to an already existing order, or change your shipping information, you can do it using this link.

Please note that you’re/we’re not able to reduce the quantity of a card.
Add-on cards are $2/card no exceptions as this is a new transaction with new fees. Shipping is 100% free.

3/3 Questions | Are you contacting us regarding FOIL printing?

We’re currently not able to offer FOIL cards.
We’re working on it but to not have an ETA yet.

If you have any problem with your cards, include multiple relevant pictures to make the process faster.

Ticket Submissions

Hey, you're contacting us regarding a quality issue,but have not attached any picture to your message.
Attaching a picture greatly save time for both party.
Proceed anyway ?


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